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2022-04-02 07:54:15 By : Mr. Congdong Chen

Did you know you’ve been trying to lose weight the wrong way all along? Diets and workout routines have been our life companions for years. However, your efforts should be aided by a non-intrusive, safe and healthy supplement, like phentermine over-the-counter products.

Phentermine is an appetite suppressed synthesized in the 1950s that has become the most popular & best weight loss pills. However, it is a restricted product only available by prescription and may cause undesirable side effects if used incorrectly. Due to this fact, numerous people – us included – have turned to natural, phentermine over-the-counter alternatives.

We’ll touch upon this below, in most states, phentermine is illegal without a prescription, and so are its clones. We only considered phentermine over-the-counter alternatives that are readily available and legal to buy in the whole United States, saving you unnecessary troubles with the authorities. If you don’t want to land in hot water, stick to this list.

Not following this review may also endanger your health. Some products out there, branded as phentermine clones, are novices and will seriously damage your body. We researched those drugs carefully to understand how to spot and avoid them. However, it is still important for us to mention that despite the amount of work we put into this guide, it’s still important to keep your doctor in the loop. That is, before going all-in with any of the recommendations here, let your doctor know and have them give you valuable advice that could help with your dosage, among other things. That being said, we’ve already done our due diligence in terms of research and whatnot. As such, you hardly have anything to worry about.

Going forward, we’ll detail how we conducted our research and expand on tips that should be useful to you when you want to make your final purchase.

After going through countless products, we have shortlisted the best five, each excelling in its own unique way. Here they are:

  We picked the well-known, tested, and proven PhenQ weight loss pills for the gold medal. We are glad to introduce this brand to a broader audience. It is not as famous as some competitors, but in due time we’re sure it’s going to outplay them all in due time. PhenQ’s powerful dietary solution has helped over 190.000 customers achieve the body of their dreams in less time than most other diet pills.

Let’s focus on the product now. It will be shipped to you free of charge in an elegant, modern case containing 60 tablets. The pills will help you burn excess fat, stop its production, suppress your appetite, and will give you a nice energy boost as well. The tablets contain only natural, common chemicals, like caffeine and capsimax powder, detailed on the product’s webpage.

The secret to the pills’ effectiveness is the scientifically proven and trademarked weight loss formula called α-Lacys Reset. It turns up your body’s thermogenesis – your body’s ability to heat – which means that you’ll burn fat quicker and easier than ever. You can read this PhenQ review for detailed information.

Natural Ingredients: PhenQ weight loss tablets are made from natural, vegan ingredients only. We appreciate how the brand advertises the product’s components transparently, with a whole section dedicated to them. The supplement contains capsimax powder, a compound made from B3 vitamins, capsicum, and piperine, all found naturally within certain vegetables and fruits. It also contains the aminoacid L-carnitine, nopal, caffeine, and chromium picolinate.

Effectiveness: PhenQ pills are among the most effective over the counter phentermine alternatives. Recent clinical studies say that, on average, this dietary supplement has helped people burn off 7.24% of their body fat and increase their muscle mass by 3.80% after just two months. Thanks to PhenQ’s formula, your own body’s thermogenesis will be the driving force behind getting the body of your dreams.

Energy Boost: Caffeine is the most extraordinary substance known to man. Not only does it help you lose weight, which is a fact proved by exhaustive clinical studies, it also gives you its signature energy boost. This is precisely the reason why PhenQ weight loss pills contain a decent amount of them.

Appetite Suppression: If you struggle with weight gain, overeating and cravings, PhenQ has got you covered. This phentermine over-the-counter supplement will curb your appetite and keep you away from nullifying all your hard-earned progress. This effect is achieved primarily by keeping your blood-sugar levels balanced through chromium picolinate, a natural mineral found in whole grains, vegetables, and meat.

Mood Enhancing: PhenQ pills will help you manage your mood incredibly well. People tend to feel cranky when trying to lose weight, especially when taking in some less-effective supplements, but thanks to PhenQ’s mood-enhancing formula, you’ll look great and smile all the while.

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PrimeShred Hardcore Fat Burner pills are an excellent way to burn fat fast and accelerate weight loss. It contains only vegan, non-GMO ingredients, entirely healthy for your body. MuscleClub, the product’s designer, is an internationally well-renowned company with years of experience in the field, ready to offer only the creme de la creme of phentermine over-the-counter alternatives.

If you’re a bodybuilder, Primeshred is perfect for you. Besides helping you shed off excess fat, the supplement will also give you a helpful energy boost and increase your workout endurance. Additionally, the pills will not reduce your muscle mass, helping maintain a muscular yet lean body.

Even if you’re not an experienced culturist and you’re just looking to lose those stubborn last pounds of fat, you’re still going to benefit from this phentermine over-the-counter supplement. Thanks to its formula, your body will burn off fat quickly by increasing your metabolic rate, ramping up your fat-eating hormones and heightening your senses, increasing your productivity. A three-pronged attack that’s going to put an end to those extra pounds.

Pushing your limits: PrimeShred pills are the right product for those that want to go plus-ultra – above and beyond. The product will enhance your productivity as part of its anti-fat effects, which will allow you to boost your workout routine immensely. Not only will your fat quickly disappear, but you will maximize your gains. All of this is thanks to the product’s all-natural and vegan L-theanine, green coffee extract, and caffeine anhydrous.

Ease of intake: Taking PrimeShred fat burner tablets is as straightforward as it gets. Take three pills 20 minutes before your morning meal every day to get the most out of it. This will be enough to get the fully-loaded, high-performing formula up and running. Your fat will be broken down, burned, and replaced by muscle mass throughout the day.

Vegan-friendly ingredients: This phentermine over-the-counter supplement only contains natural, vegan, and non-GMO ingredients, all readily available on its website, together with exact amounts. PrimeShred is also FDA approved, and GMP certified, meaning that each tablet undergoes the strictest quality control. Additionally, the product is soy and gluten-free. It also contains no artificial colorings, preservatives, or flavorings.

Mood-balancing: Losing weight is stressful. Taking PrimeShred will help you maintain your mood balance by lowering your caloric intake. It will also help you focus on your final objective, keeping you sharp and motivated day by day. You’ll feel great before, during, and after your workout.

Results: PrimeShred’s effectiveness is higher than the average phentermine over-the-counter product. Thanks to its signature three-step process, it burns fat quickly and lets you replace it with lean muscle mass. Your revitalized hormones and heightened metabolism will shed those extra pounds, and an energy boost will always keep you active and positive.

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PhenGold is a relatively new, excellent phentermine over-the-counter substitute, allowing you to lose all excess weight if backed by a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The supplement is ideal for both men and women, and we were instantly captivated by its surprising claims. We were glad to find out this product delivers all its promises.

Its manufacturer, Swiss Research Labs Ltd, has always been at the forefront of natural supplements development and has already synthesized two other wildly successful products: Zotrim and TrimTone.

The blend of high-quality ingredients used to craft PhenGold’s formula helps you break down and burn fat quicker than ever. Additionally, this weight loss supplement can boast the most uplifting energy boost on the list.

Furthermore, PhenGold, thanks yet again to its all-natural ingredients, has negligible side effects. We still highly suggest you talk about taking these pills with your doctor, especially if you have severe allergies. If you’re under 18, as with all other phentermine over-the-counter products on this list, you should not consume them at all.

PhenGold comes in a 90-capsule bottle, which will sustain you for around a month. The recommended daily amount is three tablets before breakfast or a workout.

Ingredients: PhenGold only contains natural, vegan, and GMO-free ingredients. Thanks to its cayenne pepper extract, the supplement increases your body’s thermogenesis, allowing you to burn off fat even faster. The 225mg of caffeine will give you an incredibly potent energy boost, which will help you focus on your activities. Finally, 500mg of green tea and 100mg of green tea extract will aid with stress and fatigue by lowering your caloric intake.

Cravings Curber: PhenGold will help you immensely if you struggle with overeating. Its formula is built to regulate your blood sugar levels, eliminating cravings altogether. On top of that, its L-theanine and L-tyrosine contents will boost your adrenaline and dopamine, keeping you cool and happy and improving both your concentration and focus.

Energy Boost: PhenGold, as already mentioned, offers the best energy boost among all phentermine over-the-counter supplements on this list. Caffeine, green tea, and green coffee, the ingredients behind the product’s uplifting effects, also aid your body’s thermogenesis, resulting in you shedding even more excess bodyweight. Having higher energy levels will lead to you being more active, which – you guessed it – results in more weight loss!

Transparency: PhenGold’s manufacturer, Swiss Research Labs Ltd, has never hidden behind false advertisement and obstruction. On the contrary, it offers an exhaustive list of all ingredients and dosages directly on the product’s main web page. This, coupled with the fair and legitimate featured customer reviews, cemented the product’s spot on this guide.

Convenient offers: While PhenGold’s initial price is higher due to its premium formula, it is surprisingly cheap to buy this product in bulk. In fact, a single bottle costs $59.99, while five of them, thanks to a convenient buy-3-get-5 promotion, are only $35.99 – a whole 40% discount! On top of that, PhenGold offers a 100-day money-back guarantee. Overall, one of the best bulk deals around.

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  Phen24 is one of the excellent otc phentermine alternatives, thanks to its state-of-the-art formula. It achieves fantastic results by accelerating your metabolism to break down lipids at a record pace. All of this will result in you reaching your dream body in no time, just like countless other Phen24 users.

The tablets are manufactured in the UK by Wolfson Brands Limited, a pioneer of natural weight-loss and fat burning supplements keen on helping as many people as possible power through their diets. You will also benefit from excellent 24/7 customer service support and FAQ pages covering everything, from dosages to side effects.

This supplement has four distinct effects, all aimed at streamlining your weight loss. Phen24 will burn fat, curb cravings, boost your energy levels and help you maintain focus and a positive attitude around the clock.

The tablets come in packages containing two bottles labeled “day” and “night.” The night version does not contain stimulants, which will promote a regular sleep cycle and boost metabolism. One Phen24 Day pill should be taken 20 minutes before breakfast, while two Phen24 Night pills 15 minutes before bed.

24/7 Effectiveness: Phen24 is optimized for both day and night. We were intrigued by the fact its pills are divided between a night and day version – seldom seen in the phentermine over-the-counter market. Since Phen24 Night is void of any stimulants, like caffeine, you won’t have to worry about disrupting your circadian cycle, but the appetite suppressant will still burn off those pesky excess pounds.

Innovative & Functional Website: Phen24’s web page is well optimized and offers countless functionalities, reflecting the care and love its manufacturers put into everything related to the product. A helpful 24/7 customer support and a transparent and straightforward ingredient section have proven essential during our research. The website’s quality makes up for the fact that the pills are only available there.

Negligible side effects: There are little to no adverse side effects from taking Phen24. This is thanks to non-GMO, vegan-friendly, and completely natural ingredients and to the fact the pills are divided between a day and night version. While the caffeine found within Phen24 may lead to slight unwanted effects for sensitive users, its concentration is too low to cause anything serious.

Ingredients: Contents and dosages define the quality of a phentermine over-the-counter supplement. Within Phen24, you’ll only find the best ingredients, carefully selected to deliver a perfect experience. Essential minerals and vitamins will ramp up your metabolic rate, while glucomannan and chromium work to suppress your appetite. Furthermore, guarana extract will prevent mood swings and help you maintain a positive and focused mentality.

Promotions & advantages: Phen24 offers a wide range of benefits. First of all, it delivers worldwide and free of charge. Additionally, if you buy two boxes of Phen24, the third one is free – for five packs, two of them will be completely free of charge. Lastly, the product offers a 60-days money-back guarantee with zero strings attached. If you’re not satisfied with the supplement, send it back, and as soon as it arrives, Phen24’ll refund you completely.

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LeanBean is an exceptionally effective phentermine over-the-counter alternative. Don’t be deceived by the fact that we listed it as our fifth pick – our chosen weight-loss pills are all qualitatively excellent. It has helped countless customers, like professional surfer Bree Kleintop, reach their weight loss goals quickly and efficiently.

LeanBean’s formula is synthesized from 11 all-natural, non-GMO, and vegan ingredients. Its scientifically proven effectiveness is based entirely on the product’s ability to maximize your metabolism while suppressing your appetite and keeping you full of energy. This will cut down considerably the time needed to shave off excess pounds.

The supplement’s manufacturer, Ultimate Life Limited, is a UK-based brand specialized in phentermine over-the-counter products. The brand has partnered with Bree Kleintop, a well-renowned professional surfer, who has released numerous testimonials on the effectiveness and potency of LeanBean.

Ultimate Life Limited has tailored these pills specifically to female athletes at first. Due to their popularity, they quickly expanded on the mainstream market. Exhaustive clinical studies support the effectiveness of its vegan-friendly formula.

The recommended daily dosage is three pills, either taken one at a time 20 minutes before a meal or together. To know more about this fat burner, you can ready this LeanBean review!

High Glucomannan Contents: There are a whopping 3000 milligrams of glucomannan within LeanBean’s recommended daily dosage. Glucomannan is extracted from the root of the konjac plant, and numerous studies link it to promote weight loss and appetite suppression. In fact, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recognizes its powerful effects.

Convenient Promotions: One month’s supply of LeanBean will cost you $59.99. This makes the product fall in line with other premium phentermine over-the-counter options. However, what intrigued us was their “Body” package, which will give you a four-month supply of LeanBean, a free workout guide, and a yoga mat for just $179.99, including worldwide shipping.

Transparency: LeanBean’s website clearly highlights all contents of its pills right on the front page, together with clinical studies and dosages.

Customer Ratings: Users worldwide have posted countless before-and-after pics, showcasing the product’s fantastic effects. You will find only legitimate, trustworthy testimonials on LeanBean’s official website, dedicated forums, and social media. Each will show you the pills’ true potential.

=> Click here to visit the official website of LeanBean

We have scoured the web, searching for the most effective, safe, and widely available metabolism boosters and appetite suppressants. We went through thousands of websites – some scams, some legitimate. We ended up with the best five phentermine over-the-counter substitutes, which we will review in this handy guide.

When going through our findings, we examined everything following a strict set of criteria, specifically focusing on these critical areas:

Even though you may be looking at products with no recorded adverse side effects, you may still be allergic to some of their ingredients. Before whipping out your credit card, you should run some tests at your local specialized clinic to see if you have any allergies. It’s not a case we have put this as our buying guide’s first point – it’s going to save your life.

Ditch by default those phentermine over-the-counter supplements that hide their ingredients and dosages. You must always be able to see what’s inside these pills. Ideally, you want to check some third-party laboratory tests that unbiasedly show the genuine contents of these dietary supplements.

Buy GMO-free, vegan-friendly products with all-natural ingredients. You can see that all products we mentioned fall in this category. They drastically reduce adverse side effects while offering the best results.

Look out for honest customer reviews. Many brands – even popular ones – will censor negative or average ratings. Truly excellent products won’t need to do this and will instead respond to disgruntled customers to ask where things go wrong. If you can’t find a single negative review, get out of there.

This is an excellent way to gauge the supplement’s actual effectiveness as well. You’ll be able to check out before-and-after pics. Users go through all kinds of situations and have different lifestyles: focus on reviews that more or less reflect your situation and see how well the product works in that specific case.

Don’t cheap out. If a product is much cheaper than its competitors, think twice before buying it, even if it looks acceptable. The phentermine over-the-counter market is saturated with scams and inexpensive, dangerous items. The general rule of thumb is that if it seems too good to be true, you’re most likely right.

There are some exceptional offers and promotions out there, so always do some extra research – judge products on a case-to-case basis. Keep in mind the average price for a month’s supply of weight loss pills is around $50.

Check how many natural appetite suppressants come in a standard package. Usually, each bottle or box will last you a month, but some brands don’t do this.

Naturally, you want to get the best bang for your buck. This ties into the previous point – even though a product offers a two-month supply for cheap, don’t cede.

Bulk promotions are a great way to get more for less. These vary from brand to brand, so we encourage you to compare bulk bundles for premium phentermine over-the-counter supplements.

No weight loss pill, no matter how good it is, will miraculously let you shave off pounds without breaking a sweat. You will have to lower your caloric intake, eat healthily and exercise. Do not trust those “miracle products” that promise you results with no real effort on your side.

Instead, value phentermine over-the-counter supplements that promote a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Some offer workout plans and equipment as well, so keep an eye out for that.

Phentermine is the name of a generic drug associated with weight loss and closely related to amphetamine. You can find it as Ionamin, Suprenza, Adipex, and Fastin, among other brand names. It is used to treat obesity, especially in subjects with diabetes or high blood pressure. The scientific community has not yet fully understood how it works, but the most popular hypothesis is that it affects the hypothalamus.

The drug’s primary use is as an appetite suppressor. In the United States, it is available only with a prescription. That, and the fact it can cause severe side effects, is why numerous people have recently turned to phentermine over-the-counter alternatives.

If you have a body mass index BMI of 30 or suffer from weight-related complications, you are liable to get a prescription for phentermine. You can still buy and take phentermine over-the-counter supplements should you not fall in that category.

As we mentioned, phentermine is not available over the counter. People that cannot get their hands on a prescription often turn to safe substitutes, popularly referred to as phentermine over-the-counter products.

These items are available both online and in physical stores in various shapes and forms. The most popular one is tablets and pills. Their components are primarily synthesized from natural products, such as coffee, tea, or certain roots.

Phentermine over the counter alternatives function as energy boosters and fatigue reducers, ideal for users with an adequately active lifestyle. Their main use, though, is to aid in lowering your caloric intake, both by suppressing your appetite and stabilizing your mood.

The advantages of phentermine alternatives over the traditional drug are their all-natural components and the absence of any required paperwork, like prescriptions. Additionally, you can get these supplements shipped directly to you.

Judging the price difference is hard. However, we can confidently say that most phentermine over-the-counter supplements are on average cheaper than branded phentermine products.

Numerous legitimate manufacturers, such as the ones we talked about today, produce perfectly safe and effective pills. However, the market is saturated with scams, frauds, and subpar, dangerous supplements.

We encourage you to stick to our guide and choose between our proposed five brands. If you’re not satisfied with them, follow our buying guide to at least know how to conduct your research correctly.

Yes, it generally is. Legitimate Phentermine over-the-counter products can be as effective as the traditional drug, minus any adverse side effects.

Classic phentermine indeed has a higher potency, but it comes with some severe drawbacks that can severely hamper your lifestyle.

Prices for these alternative supplements drastically vary on a case-to-case basis. Like the ones we reviewed above, premium, effective products all fall around the same price range: $60 for a month’s supply.

Their price drastically lowers if you take advantage of the many promotions and bulk bundles available. On average, buying bottles in bulk makes them 40% cheaper than purchasing individual bottles.

Generally, phentermine over-the-counter products don’t cause harmful side effects. This is thanks to their all-natural active substances extracted from already commonly consumed items. Some ingredients, like caffeine, may lead to jitters, headaches, and erraticness for sensitive individuals.

Keep in mind that even if a product has no recorded negative side effects, you might still be allergic to it. Always check an item’s ingredients to see if there’s something you’re allergic to.

Additionally, you should not consume these supplements shortly before or after ingesting caffeine, especially if you’re sensitive to the substance.

If you couple your phentermine over-the-counter supplements with a balanced low calorie diet and a healthy dose of exercise, it will not take you long at all. By analyzing customer reviews, we found out the average is around 8 pounds per month, the recommended CDC limit.

Stay away from pills that promise they’ll make you lose 15, 20, 30 pounds a month. We’ve seen a lot of those during our research. Losing that much body weight in such a short time is not healthy.

You cannot buy real, traditional phentermine online. It is available only in pharmacies and requires a prescription. You can, though, buy phentermine over-the-counter products online with zero issues.

If a product is advertised online as phentermine, do not buy it. It is a scam, and the advertised drug is inert or dangerous. Only buy from reputable, established distributors and never cheap out.

You can take phentermine over-the-counter supplements if you want to lose weight, for whatever reason. There is no shame in doing it for looks only – however, take care of your body and never stress it too much. Minors and pregnant women must not consume phentermine over-the-counter substitutes.

Yes, you definitely can. We highly suggest exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle while taking phentermine over-the-counter supplements. In fact, some of them even act as fatigue suppressors, allowing you to work out longer and better.

Some clinical studies suggest that exercising while taking weight-loss supplements can result in an increase of up to 50% in your program’s effectiveness.

Yes! Phentermine alternatives are entirely legal and regulated by federal and state authorities. Consuming unprescribed phentermine, though, is not permitted.

Traditional phentermine is closely related to amphetamine – however, it is classified as a schedule 4 controlled substance by the FDA, meaning it has minimal abuse liability.

On the other hand, phentermine over the counter substitutes do not contain addictive substances and are perfectly safe to consume. Not even caffeine, a common base ingredient popularly regarded as addictive (scientifically speaking, it is not), will result in physical dependence.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a stressful, impossible journey, especially if you can’t get a prescription for phentermine. Taking the correct part is an excellent way to ensure your efforts will be worth it. Numerous people avoid weight-loss supplements since they simply feel overwhelmed with information. We wrote this guide with the intent of solving that and more.

Illegitimate manufacturers pack the market with ineffective products and scams almost indistinguishable from natural supplements. You must follow our expert tips, or else you risk wasting hundreds of dollars on useless pills.

Now you know precisely which phentermine over-the-counter alternatives to buying and why they’re excellent. If you’re not impressed by our choices, follow our buying guide and find the best option for yourself. Overall, we highly suggest you try out at least one of the mentioned products – you will not regret it.