Cost Saving Benefits Of Deblistering Systems

2022-05-14 13:55:26 By : Ms. Betty Lee

Sepha explains how you can save on cost and increase your production yield by providing answers to frequently asked questions about deblistering.

Deblistering can assist improve production yieald for rejected blister packs. Trying to improve the blister packing line to get a full 100% yield is costly and time consuming. Using a separate deblistering process is more econocmical and easier. By deblistering tablet/capsule blisters, companies can reduce disposal costs as well. Using a deblistering machine is not only more cost effective then pressing blisters out by hand but it's also faster.

Sepha's PRESS-OUT deblistering machine can handle multiple types of blister packs if the tablets have different sizes, colors, staggered rows, curled blisters, perforated packaging, soft / friable tablets, child-resistant blisters, and capsules.

The PRESS-OUT STANDARD is a variable speed machine and runs at up to 60 blisters per minute. The PRESS-OUT UNIVERSAL is also a variable speed machine and runs at up to 50 blisters per minute. The most economical rate of operation for both machines is 30 blisters per minute as higher operating rates usually require extra workers to keep the magazine filled with blisters.

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